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When I was at school about 2007, I once visited the University of Essex on a school trip about IT Computing and what courses they have there.

Our class had a short activity session where we were given a task to write our own short story. The only advice I remember what they gave us was how to write a plot and that except the part where they told us Will Young and someone else attended the University.... moving on!

(These are suggestions that you don't have to follow. If other methods work for you better, then continue with them, if you want).

Think of what genre the plot is going to be for. Consider  the main characters (protagonist) and other characters involved if needed. In this order:

End: Consider the end of the story first. This will allow you to consider so many  possibilities of how  the events get to this end.

Middle: Fill in the middle part of the plot with the main part of the change. if necessary.

Beginning: From working off of knowing the end work your way through and start your journey to see your goal accomplished. You will be more clear on knowing where your story is going.

These are the main things that I know of planning this part to a story. Does this help you? Let me know how you plan the plots to a story in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

P.s more about my first book that I am working on is coming soon to this blog too. Stat tuned!
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Submitted on
July 13, 2013